New York City

For Kirk’s dad’s 60th birthday, Kirk’s mom organized a surprise trip to New York City. Kevin knew he was going on a trip, but he didn’t know where, and didn’t know his kids and their significant others would be there to meet him. At La Guardia, as Kevin and Val descended the escalator to baggage […]

Nicaragua: Magnific Rock

I’m skipping ahead in my Nicaragua trip narrative, but after this post and this post, I feel something light-hearted is warranted. Because this trip wasn’t spent in constant fear of thieves. Overall, Kirk and I lucked out. We weren’t robbed, we had no bad run-ins with the police, and encountered not a single Nicaraguan who […]

Nicaragua: Almost Robbed in Granada

It was hot as balls. I was sweating before I left the air-conditioned car. It was our first day in Nicaragua, and so far we’d made it safely out of the city of Managua to our one planned stop before the beach: Granada, a city known for its colonial architecture. Since we’d flown a redeye, […]

Nicaragua: Shots from the Road

The international airport in Managua, capitol city of Nicaragua, has one runway. After we landed, the pilot pulled a U-turn and taxied back to the terminal. Kirk and I packed light. Only carry-ons; a laptop on which to dump GoPro footage, a Kindle, and an iPhone each. Clothing, too, but it was our electronics, and […]